Saturday, 15 December 2012

Pretty Pictures - Bloodbowl

Don't really wanna post them twice so for pretty pictures of Doug and Andy's Bloodbowl teams please head over to Cheers

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Necromancers vs High Elves

Plenty of games tonight; 3 games of bloodbowl, a naval dystopian game and an American Civil War.

My game was my first in the season, and only my second with the necromancer team, I somehow managed to take zero photos which is probably for the best as I was playing with skaven standing in for werewolves (well they're furry). A 2-1 loss against an efficient high elf performance by Ian was a fair result.
 The other league game between Matt (Orcs) and Fran (Dark Elves) hadn't finished but all looked tense when I left.
The third game was a friendly (I think) between Doug (Skinks) and Andy (Chaos Dwarves) showed off some pretty models but I'll display these in all there glory once I've got the links to the painter.

The big game was a naval Dystopian Wars game set in the Steampunk universe between the British and Russians. One of the reasons I didn't get the Brits for my force is that in my opinion, the aircraft carrier is really not very attractive. But this scratch conversion is fantastic!
I'm still not sure about these rules, I want them to work for the models sake if nothing else. Also really want a pair of goggles a la Dr Horrible.

Last but not least there was a Fire and Fury ACW game, genuinely no idea what happened her so any comments would be of interest.

Next week - CHRISTMAS GAME!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Somewhere in the Ardennes

With the weather getting colder I thought it was time for some snow on the ground. So I threw together a quick semi-historical Ardennes game. Turnout wasn't massive so it was just myself and Fran for this one.


Table - Fran is attacking from Right to Left. Fallschirmjagers to North, Panzers to South
A massive surprise armoured attack has wrenched a hole in the American lines and a combat command has been dispatched to delay the German Vanguard made up of 2 Kampfgruppes.



Kampfgruppe Schmeiller
Regimental HQ: CO (CV10), 2 x 12cm Mortars, 2 x StuG III
Pioneer Battalion (Veteran): HQ (CV9), 3 x Pioneers (F/Throwers), 6 x Engineers
Jager Battalion (Regular): HQ (CV8), 9 x Infantry, 1 x 15cm IG, 1 x 8cm Mortar
Jager Battalion (Regular): HQ (CV8), 9 x Infantry

 Kampfgruppe von Rueiller
Regimental HQ: CO (CV10), Recce MC, Grille, 3 x JagdPanzer IVL
Mixed Battalion (Veteran): HQ (CV9), 3 x Panthers, 6 x Grenadiers, SP Mortar, Pioneer
Mixed Battalion (Veteran): HQ (CV9), 3 x Panthers, 6 x Grenadiers, SP Mortar, Pioneer


Combat Command HQ: CO (CV10), 1 x Recce MC
Tank Battalion (Veteran): HQ (CV9), Stuart Recce, 4 x M4/74, 2 x M4/76, 2 x M10, 2 x M4/105 
Infantry Battalion (Veteran): HQ (CV9), 9 x Infantry, 2 x 57mm ATG, 1 x 81mm Mortar
Infantry Battalion (Veteran): HQ (CV9), 9 x Infantry, 2 x 57mm ATG, 1 x 81mm Mortar
Artillery: 2 x M7 Priest Battalions, 1 x 155mm Battery, 3 x FOO (CV8)


Germans get a point for every fuel dump they capture intact, 0 points if dump is destroyed, Americans 1 point if evacuated or held. A point for each bridge held and a point for each enemy battalion broken.

The americans have three stands of engineers to destroy or evac the fuel. It takes 2 turns to prep for demolition and 5 to evac.

Past the last road before the river, the snow is thicker and movement off road is reduced by a third.


Didn't get full notes . . . woops . . . but will give it a go with what I got/remembered/make up. I could only deploy one infantry battalion on table at the start and had access to one Priest battalion at until Fran got past the first fuel dump.

The Panzers advanced steadily and drove straight around the first village avoiding my ATG which would have got a shot in the rear. A self propelled mortar was less lucky. With a combined assault with the Paras - whose battalion commanders were leaving the job up to the Regimental HQ - the first dump was taken moments before I destroyed it.

I could have accepted this if my artillery came in at all. One of the few times it did come in it landed on my own positions :(

As both flanks advanced I unleashed a few ambushes but awful rolling led to me only destroying one Panther (a second was destroyed when it blundered into a minefield.

Eventually my tank battalion deployed and the 1st company blew away a company of Fallschirmjager. Unfortunately poor fire then failed to take out the supporting StuG IIIs who proceeded to destroy them in return.

Up until the last turn it genuinely looked in the balance, the attrition had led to one of the jager battalions to break compensating for my 1st battalion and I successfully evacuated the second fuel depot on the Panzer flank. But some successful assaults and my artillery continuing to fail to come in led to 2 more depots falling as well as both bridges.

All in all the game worked well, Fran played the game to the scenario and really did his best to drive his forces on. Both sides had appalling dice and both German Regimental COs were very busy (not helped by the Panzers Recce driving into a minefield).

A few other games were played, couple of first round bloodbowl games, a Dystopian game between French and Covenant of Antarctica and a boardgame.
But I'll let others talk about that as I have no idea what happened.