Games We Play

We play a wide range of games, both historical and fantasy, Figure games and board games.

Some we have been particularly "in to" are:


Warmaster is a ruleset designed by Rick Priestly. It started as rules to play Warhammer Fantasy World battles on an epic scale with 10mm figures. This was then followed by Warhammer Ancients to use the same mechanisms to fight historical battles. We have played both of these at the club for many years with virtually all the armies in the army lists. 


Spearkrieg is a House rules set that is a hybrid of Spearhead and Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC).  I’ve played the former for years pretty much as written but always found the Order rules using arrows clunky and unsatisfactory.  As a mechanic, it is trying to reduce the god-like ability of the players to see the whole table and also reflect the ability of different nations to change their orders and react to the battle.

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