Monday, 16 March 2015

In Her Majesty's Name

So something a bit different - we played a modified version of In Her Majesty's Name - Steampunk rules in the Victorian era. The scenario involved the Sons of The Desert raiding the compound of the Cunning Artificers to retrieve a precious Gemstone, stolen for its energetic properties?
Cunning Artificers Workshops
I was on the side of the Sons of the Desert on the raid alongside Dan (also umpiring), Jon took the Artificers and Alex took the Police.
"Sons" about to enter the stables
Immediately I messed the raid up, I should have prepared and perfected my position whilst I waited for Dan to move up but I didn't realise how far back he was, I also saw multiple long range weapons on my data list so thought I could shoot my way in (against Engineers in buildings :( ).
Another ill conceived experiment!
The sentry was taken out but crossing the courtyard I was faced by the unfortunate prospect of a machine gun in a mechanised beast. And with the ringing out of a shot the rozzers were on their way.
Mechanical Instrument of Death
Rozzers Arrive
On my flank, this lead to a brutal melee, with my Hollow Guard felling many coppers being succumbing to his wounds.
The Power of the Pink Shirt!
Dan had the time and space to summon a Djinn, who made an impression on the police ("Just one Day from retirement").
"What is that lads?"
After the melee, the remnants of my force fled but he was caught and chopped down by the Artificer's Iron Giant. (No pictures I'm afraid as its a very impressive miniature).
Sole Survivor - but not for much longer.
After this I unfortunately had to call it a night leaving Dan to fend for himself but I found the rules to be a good variation to our usual more serious ventures.

German Capital Ships of the High Seas Fleet (WW1)
Elsewhere there was the usual Bloodbowl games as well as a WW1 dreadnoughts game. Again I'll leave it to others to comment.

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