Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Necromancers vs High Elves

Plenty of games tonight; 3 games of bloodbowl, a naval dystopian game and an American Civil War.

My game was my first in the season, and only my second with the necromancer team, I somehow managed to take zero photos which is probably for the best as I was playing with skaven standing in for werewolves (well they're furry). A 2-1 loss against an efficient high elf performance by Ian was a fair result.
 The other league game between Matt (Orcs) and Fran (Dark Elves) hadn't finished but all looked tense when I left.
The third game was a friendly (I think) between Doug (Skinks) and Andy (Chaos Dwarves) showed off some pretty models but I'll display these in all there glory once I've got the links to the painter.

The big game was a naval Dystopian Wars game set in the Steampunk universe between the British and Russians. One of the reasons I didn't get the Brits for my force is that in my opinion, the aircraft carrier is really not very attractive. But this scratch conversion is fantastic!
I'm still not sure about these rules, I want them to work for the models sake if nothing else. Also really want a pair of goggles a la Dr Horrible.

Last but not least there was a Fire and Fury ACW game, genuinely no idea what happened her so any comments would be of interest.

Next week - CHRISTMAS GAME!!!


  1. Aaargh, just realised I never used my wizard - gutted.

  2. Orc v Dark Elves finished 1-1.

    A great match with Elves doing their dodgy thing and Orcs being big and strong.